The Ohio State Reformatory, also known as the Mansfield Reformatory, is a prison located in Mansfield, Ohio. This prison was built in 1886 and remained in full operation until 1986 when it was ordered by the federal government to be shut down. The Reformatory closed due to overcrowding and inhumane conditions, which is how its lasting legacy began. Because of the ongoing torture, murder and abuse that was said to of taken place all of those years; the Reformatory is now known to be ruthlessly haunted.

District Judge Frank J. Battisti of the United States District Court, ordered the prison to be closed by the end of December 1986. But about 10 years later, the Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society (MRPS) was formed, and it turned the prison into a museum.

The MRPS hosts tours and events in order to fund the grounds rehabilitation projects and work to prevent the deterioration of other buildings on the property.

A negative stigma surrounded the Reformatory after it was forced to shut down, so the MRPS had to work hard to build up a better image for the prison. If the MRPS wanted people to come to the prison for tours, bring in people for its haunted house and raise money for the prison, it had to promote the prison with strong public relations tactics. With a good staff, the MRPS managed to turn the prison around and build it into what it is today, a successful business.

Because the Mansfield Reformatory is so exquisitely eye-catching, I wanted to share with you a slideshow of photos from when the prison first opened over 100 years ago, and a few current photos as well.


Now that Halloween is done and over with, lets check out which of the many thrilling haunted houses was most popular:

In this infographic there is a chart showing the scariest haunted attractions in Ohio. This information was taken from a poll on HauntWorld. The second infographic shows which Haunted House’s website has the most views. The last section highlights the SPOOKIEST locations across the entire United States. And number 9 on the list is Cleveland’s very own Franklin Castle! For more details about Franklin Castle, check out my third blog post.

Attention Halloween fanatics! There is only ONE week left of this spooky holiday, so you better make the best of it! I know I usually focus on urban legends that have terrorized locations, but I’ve decided to do something a little different this week.

Since we’re gearing so close to Halloween, I wanted to shed some light on some of the scariest haunted houses and attractions in the wonderful state of Ohio.

Now the haunted houses I plan on sharing are based on my own personal experience, word of mouth and a lot of research. So, if any of you know of other haunted attractions that are scarier than the ones I’ve mentioned, please feel free to comment and include them into this blog.

1. Factory of Terror

The Factory of Terror is located in downtown Canton, Ohio. The haunted house is set up inside of an abandoned aluminum factory that is over 55,000 square feet. Each year it takes about 130 people to operate The Factory of Terror. Tickets for this attraction are $26 dollars.

Waiting in line at The Factory of TerrorThe Factory of Terror

Here is a link to The Factory of Terror website:

2. World of Nightmares

The World of Nightmares, previously known as the Seven Floors of Hell, is located in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. This haunted attraction features 10 completely separate haunted houses, all in one location. Tickets for this attractions are $25 dollars.

Actor at the Word of Nightmare haunted attractionThe front entrance to the World of Nightmares

Here is a link to the World of Nightmares website:

3. The Fear Experience Haunted House

The Fear Experience Haunted House is located in Parma, Ohio. It has four separate haunted house inside its 100,000 square foot facility. It was voted the number one haunted house in Ohio by Funtober entertainment guide and was even featured in Hauntworld magazine, the leading magazine publication in the industry. This haunted attraction is $22 dollars.

Here is a link to the Fear Experience Haunted House website:

4. Lewisburg Haunted Cave

The Lewisburg Haunted Cave is a real limestone cave located eighty foot below ground in Lewisburg, Ohio. It has 500 feet of haunted bridges and real bats throughout the attraction. This haunted attraction is $16 dollars.

The Lewisburg Haunted Cave A bridge in the cave

Here is a link to the Lewisburg haunted Cave website:

5. The Haunted Prison Experience at the Ohio State Reformatory

The Mansfield Reformatory is a prison that was built in 1890 in Mansfield, Ohio. The prison received a federal court order to be shut down in 1990 due to inhumane conditions for its prisoners. Today, the prison is used for haunted ghost walks and tours, as well as a haunted house during Halloween. The tickets for this haunted attraction are $18 dollars.

There is a lot to discuss with the Mansfield Reformatory so check back next week because that is going to be the topic of my next blog!

Mansfield Reformatory prison cells The Mansfield Reformatory

Here is a link to the Haunted Prison Experience at the Ohio State Reformatory website:

The Masonic Temple in Kent Ohio


Are you and your friends looking to do something fun and exciting this Halloween? But you don’t want to spend a lot of money or drive four hours to get there? Well for the people of Kent I have the answer. Take a visit to the Kent Masonic Temple located on West Main Street in Kent, Ohio, where I’m sure you’ll be impressed.


The Masonic Temple was built in 1880 for a man named Marvin Kent and his family. Along with the house Kent also bought many acres of land. This land is what became known as the city of Kent. The temple is still known today as the jewel of the city, built with crafted wood and some of the finest sandstone they could find. This Victorian home is said to of housed four presidents including Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William Howard Taft and Warren G. Harding. This place has always been known for its exquisiteness and exceptional beauty.


This was the home to Kent and his family for many years. Marvin’s son, William S. Kent, actually took over the house after his father. William was married to a woman named Kitty, who at age 35 suffered a horrific incident. A kerosene heater that was used to heat the ballroom had exploded when she was tending to the stove. She had third degree burns all over her entire body and she was severely injured. Although William came to the aid of his wife, she was so badly hurt that she ended up passing away not too many days after. Kitty Kent saw her last days inside the house and according to legends she still hasn’t left. Kitty supposedly still lingers in the house and haunts the temple.

Ghost of masonic temple

(Photo Credit: Burning Taper Blogspot)


The Masonic Temple allows tours of the spooky temple during fall and they have talked about including the temple on a ghost walk in Kent. On these tours there have been multiple sightings of a ghostly figure that wonders throughout the temple.


Desiree Coppin, senior at Kent State University, went on a short tour through the temple about two years ago. After entering all of rooms and not seeing anything that she would consider to be supernatural, she got discouraged. But as soon as she was about to exit she saw a white apparition at the top of the staircase. She said in a matter of seconds it was gone, but that image will forever be engraved into her memory.


The Mason Society uses the temple once a month for their club meetings and there have been quite a few reports from the members about mysterious behavior. A few of them claim to have had some strange encounters while inside the temple. Weird noises coming from rooms and ghostly figures have been reported on more than one occasion.


Whether you believe Kitty Kent still haunts the Masonic Temple or not, it still would be a thrilling location to check out, especially at night. So this Halloween, if any of you are out and about in Kent, check out the spooky and mysterious Masonic Temple, only a few minutes away from the University.

Franklin Castle at its finest

(Photo Credit: Dead Ohio)

The eerie and most certainly peculiar Franklin Castle sits on the corner of Franklin Boulevard in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood. The castle stands tall and strong as the largest structure on the block, with four stories and more than 20 rooms. For those who walk or drive passed the castle, they are always in awe at the beauty and size of it.

However, what most of these spectators don’t see or often times don’t realize, is what horrible events have occurred since the castle was formed.

The Franklin Castle was built in 1881 for a German immigrant named Hannes Tiedemann. In the first few years at the Castle, Tiedemann and his wife had endured five deaths within their immediate family. First, their 15-year-old daughter Emma succumbed to diabetes, and no more than six months later Tiedemann’s mother also passed away. Three more children died within Franklin Castle and that is finally when suspicion began to arise. There were no real investigations that took place, but rumors fled the town that Hannes Tiedemann was responsible for the murders of his family.

Franklin Castle at its finest

(Photo Credit: Forgotten Ohio)

Since there were so many deaths that had taken place within Franklin Castle, it’s no wonder that the house sat abandoned for so many years. It wasn’t until 1968 when a man named James Romano and his family moved into the castle. This was when the stories and legends first began.

Here is a list of all of the hauntings that have been reported inside of the castle:

  1. Rumors have surfaced of a ghostly image carrying an axe and walking passed the front windows of the castle. This is said to be the ghost of Hannes Tiedemann.
  2. A silhouette of small girl has also been spotted throughout the house. This figure is said to be one of the young daughters of Tiedemann who passed away during his first few years at the castle.
  3. A very common noise that is heard throughout the castle is the sound of a woman choking or trying to catch her breath. Rumors spread that Tiedemann had hung his family members, so these noises could be coming from their ghosts.


Franklin Castle stairs

In the past 30 years, there have been many owners of Franklin Castle. This is why it has taken on so many different roles. Some of these roles include:

  • A clubhouse
  • Doctor’s office
  • Apartments
  • Meeting location

But every time, because of some strange or abnormal incident, each owner ends up selling the castle to someone else. But today, the castle is owned by an artist from Europe who plans on renovating it into a home fit for three families.

So how do you like this supernatural location? Is it something that would interest you and your friends? If so, when you get bored this Halloween, what better way to spook up your life than to check out a very spooky castle right in Cleveland, Ohio.

Moonville Tunnel haunted

(Photo Credit: Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunters Society)


The Moonville Tunnel is hidden deep in the backwoods of Vinton County in southeast Ohio. It was built in the mid 1800s as an entrance to a small town, a small town that homed no more than 100 people. The town started off successful because of the coal and iron rich woods that surrounded it. However, by the early 1900s the town was almost entirely abandoned due to a sickness that caused many of its people to die off.


Many of the residents are buried at a cemetery just west of the empty town. Both the cemetery and tunnel are so far away that it takes nearly an hour to get back to civilization. Today the only remains of the small town of Moonville are the tunnel and cemetery.


With this location having been abandoned for well over 100 years, it’s no wonder there have been legends and spooky stories that have sprang up in the areas surrounding it. Many people who find the courage to venture that far off the beaten path, have come back full of fear and horror because of the unusual figures they see and hear.


Moonville Tunnel still with railroad tracks

(Photo Credit: Weird Ohio)


Here is a list of some of the reported hauntings that have occurred while visiting the tunnel and cemetery:


  1. When looking down the long, dark and mysterious tunnel, a small light appears at the very end. The people who have gone closer to the light have found that there is no one holding it, as if an apparition was making it float. This is the most reoccurring story that has been told about the Moonville Tunnel.
  2. Other rumors have surfaced about the ghosts of an older woman and a young girl who roam around the cemetery. These two have been seen both during the day and night.
  3. Since a railroad track ran through the tunnel at one point in time, it is said that you can still sometimes hear a train off in the distance. Sounds of a train rattling through the area have been reported on many occasions.


Moonville Cemetery

 (Photo Credit: Forgotten Ohio)


How the legends began:


There are many rumors as to how the hauntings began. However, there is one story that seems to make the most sense. On March 31, 1859, a newspaper called McArthur Democrat wrote an article about a man who was supposedly killed on the train that runs directly through the tunnel. The article explains how the man was taken on the train to the nearest doctor, but he ended up dying because his injuries were so severe. He is now said to be the apparition who haunts the tunnel.


The other legend began because of the serious sickness that swept through the town. The sickness was said to of spread to most of the townspeople and without having much contact with the outside world, they all ended up dying off. The ghosts of these people are said to be the ones who continue to haunt both the tunnel and cemetery.


Despite the legends, the Moonville Tunnel and cemetery are a big attraction to the towns closest to it. Ohio University is about an hour away from the area, so many college students go and visit to see how true the legends really are. Also, because of the vast woods that surround the two places, many huntsmen go out that way during hunting season.


 So what do you believe? Do you think these legends are all completely phony and are just rumors that has been made up over the years? Or are there really ghosts that still aren’t at rest? Well, either way, maybe you should take a trip up to Vinton County and see for yourself.


Check out what the Forgotten Ohio website has to say about the Moonville Tunnel:

Haunted Tuberculosis Hospital

(Photo Credit: Forgotten Ohio website)

The Lima District Tuberculosis Hospital opened in 1911 as the first hospital to treat tuberculosis in the entire state of Ohio. This facility is located in Allen County, Ohio, where you can still find it standing tall today. The hospital was able to hold up to 138 patients, with ages ranging anywhere from seven to 90 years old. Because there were so many people being diagnosed, every room was filled within the hospital. During the hospitals early years, tuberculosis was very dominant in the United States and many patients ended up losing their lives do to the severity of the disease. This is why there are so many rumored stories about the hospital being haunted. Since there were hundreds of people who died from the horrific disease, it is now a legend within Allen County that the ghosts of the patients still haunt the hospital today. There are many urban legends that float around the small neighborhood of Lima and it’s hard to distinguish which stories are actually real and which are just that, urban legends. I’ll let you make your own decision, but first let me fill you in on all of the myths and stories that have been lingering around the city of Lima. Here is a list of all of the hauntings that have been reported both inside and outside of the hospital:

  1. There have been rumors of fast and shadowy apparitions that run down the long hallways throughout the hospital.
  2. A ghost of a young girl wearing her hospital gown has been spotted on more than one occasion within the hospital. This is a very common rumor that has floated around Lima for many years.
  3. Then of course there is a lot of loud noises and voices that has been reported from both inside of the hospital, as well as the outside. A lot of the noises can be heard from the third floor where there’s a loud, steady banging.

Lima Haunted Hospital

(Photo credit: North Ohio Paranormal Scientific Society)

Although you are not allowed to go onto the property or enter the hospital, there have been many people over the years who have. This is where many of the rumors of hauntings have come from. The Lima District Tuberculosis Hospital has been abandoned since 1973 and since then has had dozens of visitors who want to check out the location for themselves.

Allen County Tuberculosis Hospital

(Photo credit: Forgotten Ohio website)

However, not everyone believes the hospital is actually haunted. People in the neighborhood have said that the loud and spooky noises that come from inside and outside of the hospital have come from the Lima Oil Refinery. The refinery is a couple miles down the road and is known to have very loud machinery. No matter what you decide to believe, you can’t disagree that the legends and photos of the hospital, definitely make this a very spooky place to visit.

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